Andrii Tesliuk-Puiu

About me

I possess wide-encompassing work experience in various spheres. Starting from the age of 14, I started out as a shoe-shiner at JFK airport. Since then, I have never looked back and achieved professional milestones in management, accounting and government service. My philosophy is to keep moving forward and make the world a better, environmentally conscious place.

I have a dream of creating a better, greener future for Ukraine. I have a Master's Degree in Economics from Chernovtsy National Univeristy and am a graduate of the Fiorello H. LaGuardia School of Music, Arts and Performing Arts in New York City.

My History

What can I offer you?

Are you a creative individual? Do you have a passion for new, innovative ideas? Are you trying to develop and launch a startup? My goal is to help you develop the potential within you. My passion is helping others realize their business goals. Think of me as your Creative Talent Manager and Business Developer. I am also a fitness enthusiast offering a series of SOULFIT courses! Check out more below.

So what exactly can I do for you? If you are having difficulty narrowing down your business market. If you are unsure about your new product's potential. If you need a critical analysis of your business proposal. Or if you want unique input about your business model, I am the person for you. Based on a contractual agreement and signed NDA, I will step in as a professional advisor for you as an individual or for your company.

Why hire me? Check out my work history. I not only have experience working in a wide range of spheres, I also actively pursue my own creative projects. I have the skills to supercharge your creative/business projects. Check out some of my successfull projects in my portfolio below and shoot me a message today! Let me help you succeed!

SOULFIT Course (w/ Latin music)

Want to get fit and learn how to dance at the same time? My course will do more wonders for you than the time spent at a gym. I am offering a unique take on fitness with results that you will be proud of. I combine a series of personally-tailored exercises with professional dance lessons. Not only will my SOULFIT Courses get you toned, but I promise you will have an interactive experience. Have fun, learn to dance and get a total body workout! Over the course of 3 weeks, I will teach you my secret to expressing your body and mind through dance. BOOK your course now! This is an EXCLUSIVE event with LIMITED spots available.

Reserve your SOULFIT course today!

Creative/Business Portfolio

Below are projects in which I am currently playing an active role in developing:

EcoArt Studio

EcoArt Studio is an art studio startup, located in Chernovtsy, Ukraine in the Bukovina region. We want to educate the people of Ukraine about recycling. How? By creating art from plastic.

Viva La Vida

Latino dance, hot music, large crowds? I was asked to help out DJ Cuculus! If you are planning an event and want it to be a success, I can help plan the entertainment.

Art of Hookah

A new hookah bar had set out to conquer their niche. How could they do it with so much competition in this market? With my help they will enjoy stunning success.

Dance Lessons

I studied with the best of the best at LaGuardia. If you want to learn how to dance or you are a dance school in need of a top-level dance instructor, contact me for rates.

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